Your Windows to Kollam - the ancient seaport and city on the Malabar Coast!

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Greetings Kollam lites! Hi Kollam is a unique concept by Neoweb Technologies which aims to create a single website for the entire Kerala businesses and service providers. Our main attraction is that the business page is without any disturbing advertisements.

With our 20+ years’ experience in Website Development and Online Digital Marketing, we learned that still there are business/service industries which do not have a website or online presence to promote their business to the needy. We are aiming to fill this gap by offering our services at the lowest cost. helps to create a micro webpage at Rs 999/- only. Click here to View Sample Website Design . This helps businesses to offer their products and services to customers who are looking for it.

  • Single Webpage for each Business
  • No Advertisments in business pages
  • Online Promotion at lowest cost
  • Guranteed Results for Advertisers

With our 20+ years industry experience we understand the need to create a platform which helps common people to create their own store front at an affordable price.

Our Mission

To create a webpage for all businesses and services in Kerala at the lowest price possible without annoying advertisements.

Our Vision

To develop a single website for Kerala State which could be useful for all those looking for any information related to Kerala.

Advertising Options -

Advertise with Kerala's largest online audience! is here to help you advertise in the most effective way of reaching your targeted audience in a non-intrusive way, brought to them by a source they trust.

Email Marketing Benefits

  • Create Personalized Content
  • Guranteed business conversions
  • Reach more Targeted Audience
  • Can email timely campaigns

Banner Advertising Benefits

  • Generate more Leads
  • Building your Brand Awareness
  • Increase Sales
  • Ads in High Visibility locations

Social Media Advertising Benefits

  • Target audiences based on their interests
  • Low cost advertising
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Get connected to new people

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